Short Version:

Two brothers from Sydney, Australia challenge the Skincare industry to make sure you get Happy Healthy Skin at ease and at affordable prices.

Long Version:

Peachi began when my brother Kevin and I set out on a mission to solve our mother's dry cracked feet. Here feet were in a horrible condition due to decades of abuse and neglect.

After spending endless hours and hundreds of dollars we were still at a lost in for what to do as we couldn't find anything on the entire internet that could heal our mother's feet.

With us being passionate problem solvers we were determined to find a solution and since there were no solutions available, we decided to create our own solution. And so our journey entered a new chapter.

We teamed up with our friend Nik who is a professional chemist to produce a product for our mother. Several months and multiple samples later, just when I was having serious doubts about this; we finally had our eureka moment. The product worked like magic, I was ecstatic!

That was the end of our year long journey...or so we thought...

At dinner Kevin and I were discussing how having healthy skin should be a basic necessity, so the question we naturally asked was; why were there so many products out there, which makes having healthy skin so complicated for your average person? 

And the rest is Peachi.

At Peachi, we believe everybody needs to have healthy skin as much as they need water. We aim to make is super simple and affordable for you to have Happy Healthy Skin.