11 Reasons to wear flats to work

Love Your Feet- 11 Reasons to wear flat shoes to work

Did you know that our feet have more bones and muscles than any other part of the body? This means more potential pains and issues can come up. That's why Foot massages and therapies are practiced worldwide for pain relief and to resolve many health issues. Your health depends on the way you treat your feet. 

Here's 11 reasons why you should wear flats to work:

  • Reduces the Chance of Injury

  • With a lower center of gravity, Leather flats feel more stable thus lowering your risk of injury.

  • Help with alignment

  • If you work all day long, standing in the wrong poses may turn your life tipsy turvy. Comfy shoes help evenly distribute your body weight by keeping your feet aligned. They offer good arch support and will fit your feet without exerting any pressure on different parts of your body.

  • Improves your gait

  • Your walking style or gait depends on the pair of shoes you are wearing. When you step correctly, your heels make contact with the ground first. Flat shoes help distribute your body weight evenly on the soles of your feet. You feel secure, comfortable, and free to move while walking.  

  • Relief from back and knee pain

  • Shoes and health are closely linked to one another, so never compromise on your health while choosing shoes. Wearing flat leather shoes can help alleviate back pain by keeping your spine straight and allowing your feet to be in a more natural position. Wearing high heels or other shoes that are not suitable for your activity will add more pain to your body. Thus, making you feel tired and uneasy.

  • More practical

  • You can do much more in flat shoes than any other. If regularly standing is a part of your job, comfortable flats can make you feel less tired or stressed. Specifically, for professions like doctors, nurses, teachers, women doing office jobs, etc. They will allow you to not dread the walk to work. Possibilities with comfy shoes are endless. It also looks inappropriate to wear high heels at the workplace, where you have to stand for hours or walk more.

  • Safer and weather inclement

  • There is no fear of tripping on the street or workplace with a pair of flat shoes. It will be easy to walk in the rain, go up and down the stairs and rush to the bus while wearing these shoes.

  • Makes you confident

  • Wearing comfortable shoes makes you feel more active and energetic. It gives you the confidence to move around at your workplace, market, or anywhere without worrying. You can wear leather flats or you can wear any color as beige, purple, burgundy, but you will look super elegant.

  • Heel cup in Flats

  • Having a heel cup in flats alleviates pain in heels. Heel cups(made of rubber, plastic, etc.) provide support to heels and relieve pressure beneath the tender spots.

  • No Blisters

  • Wearing comfy shoes soothes your feet. Flat shoes help avoid blisters and you will also save on band-aids.

  • No Noise

  • High heels can be a source of embarrassment when you are at work. The sound the heels make sometimes unpleasant especially if i it is quiet in the workplace. Flat shoes are a saviour for this reason.

  • Long Lasting

  • Broken heels are not easy to repair but flat shoes are durable and easy to manage. You can wear them from day to night without any trouble, and they last long.

    These are just 11 reasons to wear flats at work. Let us know in the comments below what shoes you like wearing to work.

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