How to Take Care of Your Feet?

When they say, looking on fleek from head to toe, they actually mean it. If you want to up your fashion game, the first thing to be keen on is your hygiene, and in our hygiene, we often ignore our feet ( I certainly do ). Most people consider splashing water or just putting on some soap good enough for washing feet, but it's usually not enough. You should give due importance to your feet and clean them well.

Just imagine how bad it'll look when you're wearing your best shoes, and you have undone toenails or cracked foot heels. It isn't always that you have to go to the salon for a pedicure. You can take care of your feet at home even.

Why Take Care Of Your Feet?

Your feet are a vital part of your body, and they can impact your overall health. As you take care of your hands' skin, you should take care of your feet as well. Although feet have rougher skin, it doesn't mean they're immune to wear and tear. If your feet are cracked or have any blisters due to improper care, they can lead to larger infections and even be more susceptible to further injury. 

If you don't take care of your feet, it not only looks bad, but it will also lead to some health problems. If you want to know how you can take care of your feet properly, read on!

A Complete Step-By-Step Foot Care Routine

Firstly. Salons are too expensive, and people we don't always have an hour or two to spare. So doing it yourself at home is a great alternative. You don't need to do it too often, and it will give your feet baby soft skin. 

Things You Will Need

Following is the list of things you will need for this. All of these things are usually in your house. 

  1. Non-acetone nail polish remover
  2. Oil (preferably scented)
  3. Moisturiser
  4. Scrubbing brush
  5. Pumice stone
  6. Nail nipper
  7. Orange stick
  8. Paraffin wax
  9. Double boiler for the wax
  10. A pair of socks
  11. Cling wrap
  12. Towels 

Step-1. Remove The Old Nail Polish

First, remove your old nail polish with a non-acetone nail polish remover. Make sure to remove it properly from all the corners. If there is a yellowish effect on nails, leave it. It will fade after a few days. 

Step-2. Soak Your Feet In Water

Now soak your feet in warm water for ten minutes and add aromatic oil to the water. The water should not be too hot. It will make your skin dry. Use a toenail brush or any scrubbing brush to clean your toenails and remove any dead skin around them.

Step-3. Take Care Of The Calluses

After that, use a pumice stone to clean your calluses and clean your nails to the core from the sides using a nail nipper. Water has made the skin soft, so it becomes easier to remove the calluses. Trim your nails after you are done with it. Filing and trimming are easier when nails are softer. 

Step-4. Soften Your Feet With Paraffin Wax

Melt the paraffin wax in a double boiler and once it is a bit cooler, use it on your feet to make them softer. The paraffin wax makes the feet softer. Then wrap your feet with towels to keep in the moisture. 

Step-5. Massage And Moisturise

Lastly, dry your feet and massage them with moisturizer. To lock in the moisture, wear socks. 

Choose The Right Shoes For Your Feet

This is often overlooked, but studies have shown that the right shoes are crucial to keeping your feet healthy. The shoes that might look great on your feet might not be as good for you. The shoes you wear can completely transform your walk and body posture.

Everyday Shoes

The shoes you wear every day to work should be very comfortable. The preferable choice is converse shoes or toms. They are very comfortable and durable for daily wear, but you have to clean them well and avoid shoe smell from them. The best way to keep away the moisture and smell is to put some tea bags after you put out the shoes. 


If you wear heels frequently, make sure the heels are comfortable to your feet and don’t keep them on for too long. The heels can pinch your toes and even cause pain in your foot arch. When in the age between 30 and 35, your bones start becoming weaker, so the heels can also cause pain in the knee joints and ankle joints. So choose your shoes wisely. 

Buy New Shoes

Even if your shoes are not completely worn out from the outside, the sole wears out after some years, so you should not keep wearing shoes that have bad soles because it will damage the sole of your feet. Always buy new shoes when you feel like the shoe sole is wearing down. 

Some Other Foot Care Tips

Other than wearing the right shoes and the complete foot care routine, some other tips will help you in taking proper care of your feet. Practice these tips regularly to have flawless feet. 

Regularly Trim Your Nails

Longer toenails are very dangerous. You can hit yourself in any door or hinge, and it will take off the entire nail. Even if you wear closed shoes, the longer toenails can get inside your skin and cause infection. So it is very necessary to trim your toenails regularly. File your toenails to give them a nicer shape. Trimming too much also doesn't look good, so trim the nails to optimum length and keep trimming them every week. 

Keep Your Feet Dry

If you wear socks and shoes on wet feet, it can lead to fungus and even foot odour.  So it is very necessary to properly dry your feet after washing them, especially between your toes. This is the place where fungus can find the right temperature to grow, and if you provide moisture, it will surely dwell there. So make sure to dry the feet properly. 

Moisturise Well

There are foot creams available in retail stores that are formulated to keep your foot’s skin moisturized. You should buy them, but you can moisturize your feet with any regular body moisturizer even if you don't have them. 

Many people have the problem of sweating when they wear shoes after moisturizing. If you have such problems, then don't apply too much moisturizer. The best way to deeply hydrate your feet is to moisturize them well before you sleep and put on socks. It will moisturize your feet overnight. 

Wash Them Properly

For some people washing feet is just splashing them with water. When taking a bath, scrub your feet properly with soap as you do to your other body parts. And on weekends, follow the above-mentioned foot care routine. 

How To Prevent Blisters

Shoe bites and blisters are a common sight if you wear closed shoes regularly. Following are some ways on how you can prevent blisters:

  1. Wear socks when wearing joggers.
  2. Apply bandage to the sensitive areas of your foot if the shoe isn't much comfort.
  3. Sore and dry skin is more prone to blisters, so make sure your skin isn't dry.
  4. Apply petroleum jelly or ceramides when you feel your feet are prone to blisters in any shoes or even to treat blisters.

A Remedy For Sweaty Feet

People with very sensitive skin usually have sweaty feet. The best way to treat them is to use any topical antiperspirant on your feet. It helps in getting rid of sweaty feet very quickly, but if they still linger, you should visit any doctor. 

How To Take Care Of Swollen Feet 

After a long day of walking or even keeping your feet in the same position, you can have swollen feet. The best way to treat them is to keep them elevated for some time. After that, keep your feet in a water bath of lukewarm water and Epsom salt for twenty minutes and then in an iced water bath for two to four minutes. It is very effective.


Taking care of your feet doesn't take any time, but we usually ignore them. Once you start taking proper care, you will feel it doesn't take much time and also makes you feel healthy. Clean your feet the right way, trim your nails and wear the right shoes for your feet. Feet are the body part that people unconsciously notice first. So you want to set a good impression. Not taking care of your feet can lead to many health problems, so don't push yourself into such problems on your own. 

We hope you found this blog informative and learned how to take care of your feet. Let us know your go-to foot care remedies in the comments section below.



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