Leather shoes can last a lifetime with the proper care. So how exactly do you take care of your Comfi leather flats so that they can continue to look after your feet? Follow the steps below to find out how you can prep, protect and preserve your leather shoes.

The easy method 

So you’ve just bought a pair of The Comfi Flats, or maybe you’ve even had them for a while and now you’re wondering… How exactly do I clean them?

As with all high-quality leather shoes, keeping them in tip-top shape shouldn’t be that hard, and the same is true for our Comfi Flats. If you ever find your flats needing a clean, a light spritz of water and a gentle wipe using a microfibre cloth should do the trick. Given the high quality leather used, our shoes are made to withstand all sorts of wear keeping maintenance minimal. The key to maintaining the longevity of your Comfi flats is to prevent a build-up of dirt or debris, lightly clean when required and you can even condition every few months but this is optional. 

However, if you’re looking to really increase the lifespan of your shoes and don’t mind investing in a few extra products, read on below to find out how to care for your leather shoes.

Before wearing

Caring for your shoes starts from the very moment you open that shoebox, not just when you slip them on. 

Step 1: The first step to preparing your shoes for wear include cleaning and conditioning the leather. Using a damp cloth, gently remove any dust or particles from the shoes and allow for the leather to fully dry. Once dry, condition your shoes with leather shoe lotion and allow for them to completely air-dry. 

Step 2: Following step one, once the shoe is completely dry, using a polishing brush or cloth, apply a sparing amount of emollient shoe cream to the shoe. Massage the cream in a circular motion to allow it to penetrate deep into the leather, leaving it soft and supple while maximising its shine. 

Step 3: The next step to preparing your shoes for wear is to apply and gently buff out an even coating of colour matching shoe polish on the leather portion of your shoe. Similar to Step 2, apply black polish to your Comfi Flats using a polishing brush or cloth until the coating has been buffed out and is no longer matte. 

Step 4: The last step involves applying a waterproofing spray to your shoe. Following the instructions, apply the waterproof spray to your shoe and allow it to dry completely.  

Step 5: Once your shoes have completely dried, you’ll be ready to wear your shoes with the confidence that they will keep through rain, hail, or shine no matter what you’re doing or where you are!

During and after wear

While it’s important to prepare and care for your shoes before you wear them, it’s also equally important to clean your leather shoes regularly and recondition or polish them when required. This includes cleaning and polishing or conditioning your leather shoes more frequently during colder months, when the shoe has been exposed to harsh or wet weather conditions, or if you have been wearing them for an extended period of time. 

Given that leather tends to gradually lose oils and moisture through everyday use, it’s important to keep track of when and how often you have been cleaning and conditioning your shoes. Doing this will keep help prevent your leather shoes from drying, cracking and peeling, allowing them to maintain their shine and suppleness for longer. 

Handle and store with care

Last but not least, all leather shoes should be stored thoughtfully and carefully if you’re looking to extend their life period. While the length of time you decide to store your shoe will determine how exactly and where you should be storing it, a few general rules of thumb to keep in mind is to: 

  1. Clean your shoes thoroughly before storing them for extended periods of time. 
  2. Utilise shoe paper to prevent your leather shoes from going out of shape
  3. Place them in a fabric bag or container rather than back into the cardboard shoebox if storing them away for a long time. 

Storing shoes this way will once more, prevent any dirt from penetrating and ruining the leather over time, help maintain its shape, and importantly, allow your leather shoes to breathe without becoming overly dry or moist.

Given the investment and cost of purchasing leather shoes, taking these few extra precautions and steps to care for your shoes can help you get your money’s worth from your purchase, keep your shoes in great condition, and ensure that the shoes you’re wearing always keep your overall outfit and look polished and professional. 

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