From the moment we get out of bed to our daily commute, until the very moment we clock off, we’re constantly on our feet. While this may seem like a good thing, constant standing, as well as constant sitting, can place a large strain on your body, triggering aches and pains on the lower extremities that could turn chronic overtime. So here are some tips on how you can relieve leg and foot aches on the go.

  • Move, move, move: While it may seem counterintuitive, moving around and shifting your weight rather than staying idle in one spot all day can actually prevent foot and leg fatigue from occurring. Try one of the following movements below to release muscle tension, re-distribute weight and gain instant relief on the go. 

  • Leg Movement:

    1. Standing straight and upright, position your legs shoulder width apart placing equal pressure on both feet.
    2. Without lifting your feet off the ground, move side to side, using your hips and ankles to shift your body weight from one leg/foot to the other.
    3. With each movement, hold your position for 5 seconds before re-centering to position one. 
    4. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

  • Roll the balls of your feet
  • Whether you use a tennis ball, spikey massage ball or a water bottle, a good way to relieve foot pain is to massage or essentially roll your foot over one of the above items for a short period of time. Rolling your foot over a massage ball for ten minutes during your break, for example, can relieve foot pain, improve blood flow and circulation, and lower the chance of injury. 

  • Take note of your posture
  • Poor posture in general is another factor that can contribute to overall increased body pain. Poorer posture when sitting or standing for extended of periods of times can exaggerate these pains. To generally improve posture, try:

    1. Standing upright avoiding a curved or hunched back and neck
    2. Keeping your knees unlocked to distribute weight evenly
    3. Widening your stance and keep your legs apart
    4. Shifting your hips backwards inline with the rest of your body rather than forwards
    5. Keeping your core tight by breathing in!

  • Stretch it out!
  • Stretching before a particularly long shift and throughout the day can be a great way to relieve aches and pains on the go. What’s more is that it can improve posture and increase blood flow, all without any equipment! For instance, try the following calf stretch:

    1. While standing, place the right leg in front of the left leg.
    2. Shift the body’s weight on to the front (right) leg, while keeping the back heel pressed into the floor. Hold this position for 15–20 seconds.
    3. Repeat the stretch on the opposite side.

  • Elevate your legs
  • Elevating your legs during your work breaks or when you have time to sit down is another way muscle tension can be relieved and blood and fluid circulation can be improved. 

    1. Sitting in an upright or reclined position place your legs straight in front of you. 
    2. Elevate your legs to rest on top of a pillow or other soft object so that your feet are inclined at or above chest level. (Your body should form a wide “V” shape, with your hips being at the lowest point on the chair). 

    These are just a few easy ways you can relieve aches and pains on the go. While such methods are helpful, investing in comfortable accessories or footwear such as compression socks or The Comfi Flat, will help to minimise the chances of aches and pains occurring regardless of whether you have time to complete these methods or not. 

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